Welcome New Plant Co. Bride! 

This is where we will go over agreements & services for your wedding day. 

Thank you on behalf of The Leelanau Plant Co. for choosing our team for designing your wedding floral and event needs. 


Here are a few points to go over so we are all in understanding of expectations and responsibilities for our design services for your wedding day. 


 We are here to accommodate unique brides that would like a natural and one of a kind design. 

Most of our designs are created with Dried Floral & Succulents. We love to fill in with locally grown cut flowers  to support local farmers in the county. 


We are here to answer all of your questions. 

Wedding Floral Designs & Prices 

Custom Bridal Floral

Groom & Wedding Party Floral 

Ceremony Floral 

Reception Floral 

Agreements & Details 


IF :

  • A special & specific color cut flowers are requested
    and wanted to be guaranteed fresh the day of wedding 

  • Or if there is a flower requested that is off season for Leelanau County during your wedding date 

  • Or anything that is requested that we cannot find locally in leelanau county


We can have flowers shipped in overnight from a supplier. If this is chosen an automatic $250 shipping & ordering fee will be added to gardentee the specific floral arrival to be incorporated into your designs. 


❖ During your appointment we will discuss many things including your favorite flowers, preferred colors, embellishments, and other details. While it is of the utmost importance to us to match your floral vision to a tee—due to the organic nature of flowers, on occasion a certain flower or color of flower will suddenly become unavailable to us without notice. If this happens, we will do everything within our power to make a substitution we feel replicates the same overall look and feel. We will always be completely transparent with you about any changes we need to make and we will always substitute with flowers that are equal or higher in value and beauty than those selected. 




 ❖If you would like us to drop off your floral for your team to set up for the day, there will be a delivery fee calculated outside of a 10 mile radius of our home studio in Cedar. Deliveries to Orchard View at Jacobs Farm Venue are free of charge. 

• If we deliver your floral arrangements, Plant Co.  is not liable for any damages that occur after we have dropped them off. 




❖If you need our design team to set up the floral for you the day of, this will be an automatic $700 designer fee to bring in our team to your venue. 

This service includes: 

Packing, Transportation, and Unpacking of floral to the Ceremony Site & Reception Site.

Communication with the venue, wedding planner, and other vendors of the wedding to ensure all details are correct and proper equipment is onsite and readily available for set up.
Set up of table centerpieces, and secure placement of all floral including wearable floral art for the bridal party.
Extra floral will be  brought onsite to fill in any last minute details.  Ensuring all details are set to the highest standard before leaving the venue. If the set up time exceeds 3  hours, each additional hour will be billed at $50 an hour post event. This service includes delivery to your venue.


❖Weekend Hold Date:

  • At plant Co, there is no consultation Fee to start the conversation about your wedding day and floral needs. 

In order to provide the best product available, we do not accept more than ONE wedding or large events per weekend;


The deposit / consultation fee will also reserve your date in our calendar.



Option 1 :

35% of the total bill is paid as a down payment and the rest due the day of the wedding. If the wedding is canceled, half of the down payment will be refunded, and half will act as a non refundable design and consultation fee. 


Option 2: 

A non refundable $250 to hold the date of the wedding and start design and planning. The remaining balance will be split up into 2 payments that will be worked out on a schedule made between the two parties. The full amount is due at the end of the wedding date. 

Any of these payments can be made online on our website or paid check in person or by mail. 

Cancelation & Changes 

Changes to your order :

  ❖ If you must change a part of your design after the original design agreement, you must relay this message to Natalie and say it 3 times on phone or via text. This way we know you are serious and want these changes and not just thinking about it. *This relates to color and design changes not to logiciscs and amount changes. 

❖ We are, of course, happy to make changes to your order you may need. At 3 weeks prior to your event, we are unable to make any changes in theme/style or subtractions that require a refund as we have already started working on your floral order and ordering supplies.


❖ In the event of an unexpected change up to 2 weeks before the wedding, we are willing to cancel your event and provide a full refund except for: 


If you choose Option 1 payment plan - 50% of the original 35% down payment will be released back and 50% of that will be a non refundable payment to Plant Co. 


If you choose Option 2 payment plan - all but the $250 deposit will be refunded

  •  unless the date is less than 2 weeks away and supplies have been ordered.

 In this case, materials ordered will be subtracted and the rest refunded. 


Sign & Agree To above Terms 

By electronically signing , I agree that I have read through all of the agreements with The Leelanau Plant Company and am ready to move forward with a quote. I understand all of the cancelation policies listed above and deposit and payment plan information. 

We will be in touch about your quote soon!