Place these tiny arrangements in your favorite vase, or lay on your altar to bring a little nature into your space. 


Each mini arrangement smells of lavender and cinnamon basil, but every one carries a unique combination of plants intentionally selected from our studio and garden for you. 


Keep forever, leave as an offering to the forest, or burn in your fireplace to release your intentions after charging on your altar. 


Feel free to leave me a note with any special requests. (I.E. Extra Lavender Please or No eucalyptus )



Mini Dried Floral Bouquet

    • Each piece is very delicate so please handle with care.
    • The colors will fade in the direct sunlight if left for an extended period of time.  (Unless you wanted to sun bleach it, thats cool too) 
    • No preservation spray is used unless requested. (Spray is not natural but will prevent sun fading.)